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July 2024
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Twice as much love…..
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Posted by: Bill @ 7:28 pm

We have written here before about our thoughts on purchasing another dog.  Alex, our collie is getting on in years, and we wanted to get a puppy into the house while Alex was still active enough to help train him.  We also thought that having a younger dog around might keep Alex a little more active.  We were going to go to some of the dog shows and start looking at the dogs that the various breeders might have had available.  Of course, things have a way of working out differently than we plan.

Today we were going to the store (to buy birdseed, of all things) when we saw a little pavilion set up with a rescued pet adoption agency.  They had a somewhat skinny, underfed but bright eyed collie named Maverick up for adoption.

double trouble

Here is a picture of the two of them.  Alex is on the left, and Maverick is on the right. 

Mark, Maverick and Alex

Here is another picture.  Maverick is on the left, and Alex is on the right.

Now we have to blend our new family member into our family.  This will be interesting.  More to follow.

4 Responses to “Twice as much love…..”

  1. Heather Says:
    I’m so glad you got another dog. How is Alex getting along with him ? What is Maverick like ???
  2. Matt Says:
    Aww! Maverick looks skinny but full of love and Alex looks like he has much knowledge to share. Congrats on the new family member!
  3. Bill Says:
    Thanks! Maverick is still a bit of a puppy, energetic and yet reasonablly calm. He came from a farm up in Thurmont, so he is more used to the barn than the house, but we are working on that. So far Alex and Maverick seem to be getting along OK, but Alex is so easygoing that it is hard to tell. He just takes it all in stride. You know his attitude: “Sleep late on the weekends, watch the Weather Channel”.
  4. Linda Says:
    Maverick is soooo cute. Alex is such a good dog - I bet they get along great. Collies are such beautiful dogs. Congratulations

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