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May 2006
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The next big visit
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Posted by: Bill @ 10:03 am

We are also looking forward to our other daughter being in town for a
few weeks later this summer.  We haven’t seen her in a long time
either.  We sometimes get the chance to talk while we are both driving to
work (of course we are using cell phones with headsets, and we are in
different states) but while it is better than nothing or just written
letters (like during my years of Navy deployments in the dark ages
before email).  Her time in medical school is so limited that we are glad just to hear from her between exams and studies.

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The visit goes too fast
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Posted by: Bill @ 11:07 am

Our daughter and son in law were here for a few days.  Unfortunately, Matt had to return early to go back to work (we all face that problem) but Heather was able to stay for a few more days.  Having the two of them home after a few months away really made us think about how much we miss them and how lucky we were to have them living close to us for a while.  Yes, we can try to keep up electronicaly with email, blogs, and Flickr, but somehow it just isn’t as nice as being able to sit around the table and share a second cup of coffee in the morning.  Tina and Heather are still winding balls of yarn from their purchases at the Md Sheep and Wool Festival, and they are working on knitting new pairs of socks.  We heard last night that Matt made it back safely to their home, so while we really had hoped he could stay a few more days we will still enjoy Heather’s company until she returns home later in the week.

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